Becoming Gluten Free

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Before we get into all the rules and no-no’s and changing your entire way of eating, just take a deep breath. It is going to be ok. Becoming gluten free is difficult and emotional, but if you have the proper tools and support you need, the process will be much easier.

The first thing you need to do is clean out your kitchen.The best thing you can do is have a completely gluten free kitchen. Changes will have to be made if there are others in your home that can’t live without their gluten. Gluten products should be kept in separate areas of the kitchen, especially roaming bread crumbs or flour.

If you are cleaning all the gluten out of your life, you may want to get a new toaster. The old one is sure to be filled with nasty gluten filled crumbs. Give it to a gluten consuming friend in need of a toaster.

Cleaning out your kitchen is not only for your physical safety, but for your sanity as well. It is way too easy to slip up if there are still some of your favorite gluten containing products around. I warn you! CHEATING IS NOT WORTH IT. I went through a good year of back and forth denial. How can food possibly be killing me. It just didn’t seem right, but time after time I continued to get sick and I gave in. Time to stick to this thing, there’s something to it.

Fill your cupboards and fridge with all the gluten free goodies you can find. This is your time to experiment. You’re starting over with food. You may even need to test other foods to see if they are also trigger foods for you. As long as you have new foods and recipes to try during this crucial time, it will make it giving up those things you thought you loved just a little bit easier.


There are many grains you will now need to avoid and there are many names for wheat.

Barley, bran (unless corn or rice), Bulgar, couscous, dinkle, durum, einkorn, emmer, farina, gliadin, gluten, graham flour, kamut, malt, matzo, rye, seitan, semolina, spelt, triticale, oats (contaminated), wheat germ, grass, and starch.

Be Careful – Caution

Body Care Products – Believe it or not you also have to be careful what shampoos, lotions, lip gloss and makeup you use. Many of these products contain wheat, especially cheaper products.

Gravies – Prepared gravies almost always have wheat in them. Use only gluten free products or make your own with corn or tapioca starch.

Imitation seafood – Pretty much always made from wheat.

Malt beverages and vinegar– Do not drink or use.

Marinades – Check the label, ask the chef or make your own.

Medications – Over the counter and prescriptions. Check with your doctor or drug company.

Modified food starch – Only eat if you know that it is derived from a gluten free grain.

Any type of starch -Only eat if you know that it is derived from a gluten free grain.

Oats – Be sure to only use “Gluten Free” oats and oatmeal (Gluten Freeda’s) that are grown and processed away from wheat. (Bob’s Red Mill carries them.)

Processed Meats – Check labels. Use better quality, organic products.

Salad Dressings – Check labels, ask chef, make your own.

Soups and Stocks – Many prepared soups and stocks contain wheat or modified food starches. Use much caution and to be safe use products labeled gluten free. Check the label, ask the chef, make your own.

Soy sauce – One of the main ingredients in most soy sauces is wheat. Try wheat free tamari, Bragg’s liquid aminos or coconut aminos. I prefer the coconut aminos because they are soy free as well.

Spice Mixes – Many taco seasonings and Chinese seasoning packets contain wheat. Check for thickeners, modified food starch, food starch or wheat. Your  best option is to use homemade pure herb and spice mixes or products labeled gluten free.

Wheat free does NOT mean Gluten Free!!


Enjoy These Gluten Free Foods !!

Almond – butter, flour, milk



Bean Flours – fava, garbanzo, navy


Chestnut – flour

Coconut – flour, milk, oil, sugar

Corn – flour, malt, masa, meal, starch, syrup

Dal – split pea/bean, flour

Flaxseed – flour, meal, seeds, oil

Hemp – protein, milk



Potato – flour, starch ( NOT interchangeable in baking)


Rice – flour, milk ( arborio, basamati, bran, brewers, brown, calrose, carolina, della, jasmine, koshihikari, long grain, pearl, red, rosematta, short grain, wild)

Sesame – flour, seeds, oil


Sunflower Seeds – butter, flour, oil

Sweet potato

Tapioca – flour, starch (interchangeable in baking)

Taro – flour, starch


to be continued…


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