Rustic Asian Pear Pie

Rustic Asian Pear Pie

I can still remember the very first bite I took of an Asian pear. I remember who I was with and where we were. I was visiting one of my very best friends and she was hungry for a snack. She led me out to the garage where there was an entire case of  Asian Pears. She asked if I wanted one, and I was like, “What is is?” I had never heard of or seen this apple like fruit before this. She said, “It’s an Asian pear, they’re like an apple and a pear combined into one.” Sounds good to me. So I tried it. Oh my, it was so sweet, but slightly crunchy. I was hooked. So when my bf brought home a box of Asian Pears the other day, I couldn’t wait to make something. First thought was a crisp, but I’ve been doing too many of those. Time to tackle the gluten free pie crust! I don’t think I’ve even had pie since my diagnosis. I never ate much pie before, probably because the crust made me sick?!

The crust came out even better then I thought it would. This crust is flaky, light and buttery. No more missing out on homemade pie! You can use this Asian pear recipe or add your own filling. I parred this with some cinnamon applesauce. The cool apple sauce with the warm pie is a perfect combination.

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