Middle Eastern Lamb Steak with Coconut Milk Pan Gravy


Middle Eastern Lamb Steak with Coconut Milk Pan Gravy

I found this lamb steak on sale, but you can absolutely use regular beef steaks for this recipe. This recipe started out with the idea of a simple spice rub. As the steak was cooking, I needed to add some liquid to the pan to prevent burning. Instead of stock, I happened to have an open can of coconut milk in the fridge.  I added the coconut milk slowly and let it reduce. Now I have a super yummy gluten free pan gravy.


Middle Eastern Lamb Steak with Coconut Milk Pan Gravy

2 – 6 oz. Lamb steaks ( Beef steak is fine too)

2 Tb. Olive oil

2 Tb. Coconut brown sugar (or regular brown sugar)

1 Tb. Lemon or lime juice

1 Tb. Cinnamon

2 tsp. Garlic powder

1 tsp. Cumin

1/2 tsp. Coriander

1/4 tsp. Cayenne

2 tsp. Sea salt

1/2 tsp. Black pepper

1 c. Coconut milk


Middle Eastern Lamb Steak with Coconut Milke Pan Gravy


In a medium mixing bowl, combine oil, sugar, juice and spices.

Add steaks and coat well. Let marinate at least 1/2 an hour to an hour.

Heat skillet on stove to high heat. Add steaks and brown both sides well.

Add coconut milk and reduce heat to medium – med/ hi.
Let coconut milk reduce as steaks finish cooking.

Make sure to flip steaks for even cooking. About 6 – 8 minutes per side should get you to medium/medium well.


Middle Eastern Lamb Steak with Coconut Milk Pan Gravy



Crispy Fried Chicken Tenders

Crispy Fried Chicken Strips

Chicken strips were one of the things I missed the most after being diagnosed with celiac. Over the years I have made many different batches of chicken strips. I’ve found that yo get the best crunchy breading by doing a double layer. The egg wash  in between helps the breading to stick to your chicken. The breadcrumb give the outside an extra crunch that is harder to get with just plain flour. Layering your seasonings in each layer of the breading helps ensure the flavors will come through.

Serve the strips with french fries, potato salad, on a sandwich or with any of your favorite salads.

Crispy Fried Chicken Strips

1 c. Coconut or rice milk

1/4 c. Onions, diced

1/4 c. Cilantro or parsley, chopped

2 Tb. Lemon or lime juice

1 tsp. Tabasco, red or green

1 lb. Chicken breast, cut into strips

2 Eggs, beaten

1/2 – 3/4 c. White or brown rice flour

1 c. Glutino bread sticks, finely chopped

1 Tb. + 1 tsp. Sea salt, separated

1 tsp. Black pepper, separated

1 tsp. Cayenne, separated

Olive oil


Get 4 bowls for prepping chicken strips.

Bowl 1 – Marinate chicken strips in milk, lemon juice, onion, cilantro, tabasco, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp black and cayenne pepper.

Bowl 2 – Combine rice flour, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp black pepper and 1/4 tsp cayenne.

Bowl 3 – Combine eggs, 1 tsp salt,  1/4 tsp black pepper and 1/4 tsp cayenne.

Bowl 4 – Breadcrumbs, 1 tsp salt,  1/4 tsp black pepper and 1/4 tsp cayenne.

As you finish your strips, place them on a clean plate to rest until frying.

Heat 1/4 c. olive oil in a large frying pan on medium high heat.

Once oil is hot, add chicken strips evenly across the pan. Do probably two batches. Cooking too many strips in the pan at one time will reduce the temperature of the pan.

Cook about 3 – 6 minutes per side. Add more oil if needed. Both sides should be nicely browned and chicken should be cooked through. Be sure to test one strip before pulling them all, if you’re not sure.


Crispy Fried Chicken Strips


Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup


Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup


Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Olive oil or Butter

1/4 c. Leeks, small dice

1/4 c. Red onion, small dice

2 Tb. Garlic, minced

1 Tb. Tarragon

1 Tb. Thyme

1 tsp. Garlic powder

1/4 tsp. Coriander

1/4 tsp. Cayenne

1/4 Black Pepper

1/4 c. Tapioca flour

3 – 4 c. Rice  milk, plain

3 – 4 c. Chicken stock

1 1/4 c. Carrots, small dice

1 1/4 c. Celery, small dice

1 c. Wild rice, dry, cooked

2 c. Chicken, cooked

1/4 c. Fresh parsley, chopped

1 c. White wine

Sea Salt to taste

If you make your stock and cook your chicken together, you save time and gain a richer, more pure flavor to your soup broth. Stock is SO easy. Or you can use a good store bought kind( I use Pacific Natural foods).


Chicken Stock



Chicken Stock


Into a medium large stock pot, throw any vegetable odds and ends that you have. The ends from the celery, carrots and onions for the soup. Add a few tablespoons of any fresh herbs you have on hand and 1tsp. of a couple of your favorite dried herbs as well. Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper as well. Add one skin on, bone in chicken breast. Cover with water and simmer until chicken is done. Continue simmering vegetables until well cooked. Strain broth. Set chicken aside to be diced when cool.



Leeks and Red Onion


Heat 2 Tb. oil in soup pot to medium high heat. Add leeks, onions, garlic, herbs and spices.

Saute until translucent, add 2 Tb. more oil and dust with tapioca flour. stir continuously and begin adding 1 c. rice milk.

Continue stirring rice milk into flour and onions. As mixture thickens add more rice milk.

Mix in carrots and celery. Add 3 c. broth.

Bring to a low boil. Add diced chicken and wild rice.

Add desired amount of rice milk and/or stock, white wine and salt.

Reduce to medium or medium -low. Maintain low simmer until vegetables are tender.

Serve with Naan or English muffins.



Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup